Consolidated Customer Account ('Parent and Child' Customer Hierarchy)

Good evening, I came across the requirement of allowing Payment and/or Delivery Consolidation for Customers (or potentially also for Suppliers).

Example for Payment Consolidation: I have 3 Customer Records in ERPNext, for Customer A, B and C. All 3 Customers can order Products from me. But Customer A is paying for all of them. I would like to be able to create Sales Orders against Customer A, B and C, but at the end when I do the Invoicing and create the Accounts Payable record for the Incoming Payment, the Incoming Payment would be created ONLY against Customer A. Customer A will pay for all of the Invoices.

Example for Delivery Consolidation: Customer A, B and C can play orders. But the Deliveries would only created against Customer A.

From other systems I know this could be a link in Customer B and C, defining Customer A as the consolidated Customer for Payments and/or Deliveries.

Thanks, David

At the time of making Sales Order, Do you know which customer is making payment?


In the standard Customer field, select Customer A. For linking Customer B and C with this order, create Custom Field or custom Doctype. This will allow you to manage order against Customer A and complete it by following standard flow of Delivery Note and Sales Invoice. Other customers will be added in the custom field/table just for your reference.

Yes, it would be always the same customer who is paying. That would be a fix defined customer hierarchy for an umbrella company.

We have same case, we developed following solution.
Select customer which is Paying to you.

Go to customize form, select Address doc-type, add new Address Type(Consignee, Buyer, Notify Party)

Add custom Field Buyer/Consignee/Notify Party into Sales Order, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice and link it with address.
Apply filter to get only selected customer address.

Thanks @kolate_sambhaji, just for my understanding: So at the end we would only have ONE single Customer Record created in ERPNext, and handle all ‘Sub-Customers’ thru an Address, correct? Reports, Orders etc.per Sub-Customer can then be filtered by the linked Address to each Document in the custom field.

Yes, you have only one customer,
For handling delivery and billing document you can make different shipping address and billing address, this is same concept.

You need to fetch sub-customer(i.e. linked address) in each document, then you can make any custom report.

ok, thanks.This could be a workaround with some limitations (statistics, detailed level information, pricing by exact customer, …), but it’s a possibility to handle my scenario.

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@David_Stegnitz let me know, if this work for you. We are using same way.

Other way is as @umair said,
Add Custom field for Buyer, consignee and link with customer. Custom field will be useful for tracking customer hierarchy.(Even in customer you can add parent Customer custom field)

Thank you for all the comments/input. This will help.

Can the solutions that @kolate_sambhaji and @umair be elaborated? Seems to be like this is the solution…

Hi, what happen if is the opposite, I have 1 Buyer Client and ( by instance ) 3 other different Payers. How can I related that Sales Order in order to allow 3 different bills with 3 different VAT´s