Consolidated Financial Statements Balance sheet is not correct

Balance Sheet (correct one)

Consolidated Financial Statements BS (not correct)

I need help, can anyone suggest me, how to do to get correct one.

What exactly is incorrect - a missing entry or wrong total - so folks can comment?

cash in hand shown double, profit and loss should be 0, now shown -90000
1st photo is correct one, result from Financial Statements
2nd and 3rd photos are wrong result, result from Consolidated Financial Statements

So this is an analysis problem, to identify whether this is a data or a code issue.

Perhaps other users can reproduce these results of yours to troubleshoot.

i can send you my test data, if needed
i didn’t get any reply from other user

A bug may be indicated if others note a matching case. Otherwise the problem may be say a data entry, accounting or filtering issue in your case.

If you can reproduce the results to illustrate and define a bug, that would be perfect.

To stay informed you can always review these problem reports

I would like to post details
when we create parent company “Chart Of Accounts Template, Standard with Numbers” had problem
please compare 2 screen

hope, this will help

What you see may relate to this issue reported here?