Consolidation of two companies in ERPnext but ignore inter-company transactions?

Dear All … please does ERPnext have the feature of " consolidation of data of Two Companies" - well the practical situation is : The transactions of Company A and Company B have to be consolidated in a 3rd company ( as the 3rd company referred above is also audited for management purposes ) - now in another ERPsoftware - every transaction is entered twice, once in the individual company login and 2nd again in the consolidated company login ( of-course inter-company is ignored ) - now does ERPnext have the option to combine two database to form a 3rd company ( and ignore inter-company transactions ) - kindly let me know.

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@Pawan perhaps venture your opinion here…thank you!

ERPNext is a single database where you can maintain multiple companies. Inter-company transaction feature is not available as of now.

If you want to combine transactions, you can use data import tool and download transactions of one company and import into another after changing certain fields (All other details in transaction should be same except company).

Dear Pawan … thanks a lot Sir for your views and your suggestion of import and export for consolidation. I really wish , Inter-company transactions option of automatic entry also comes soon - that will be really great actually ( by the by, in many branded ERP’s this inter-company comes as a separate module to be purchased) - but in ERPnext when ever it comes, it will come as an update and all can use it… this is very nice.

Here is a tool that can prepare intercompany JVs with a single click.

Can we test it?Give the link to the github.