Constant Items in BOM ERPNext Manufacturing module

Hi im having a problem while creating a bom which should have include “Printing Plates” as raw material but the quantity should not be multiply upon changing the item quantity to manufacture in work order…

My scenario is…

like ie… we have a finished good product called “McDonald Paper Cup”
Raw materials in Bom to manufacture 1 paper cup.

sheet 2x2 Qty = 0.5
poly Sheet 2x2 Qty = 0.5
printing plate C Qty = 1
printing plate M Qty = 1
printing plate Y Qty = 1
printing plate K Qty = 1

now we have a work order of manufacturing 100 Cups
so the the raw materials will required
sheet 2x2 Qty = 50
poly Sheet 2x2 Qty = 50
printing plate C Qty = 100
printing plate M Qty = 100
printing plate Y Qty = 100
printing plate K Qty = 100

but for us its not correct…

because the Printing plates Qty should be constant… even the qty to manufacture is 1000 or 1 or 100 only the plates will use 1 time only and should be deduct from the inventory


Shall you please elaborate more on this?
I think you wanted to use single inventory item code like printing plate (c+m+y+k) for manufacturing paper cup. Is that right?

Yes but the item qty should be the same if i put 1 qty of each plate in bom so in work order of 100 pcs but the quantity of plates should constant…