Construction Management

  1. Projects → Can be used to group together all the tasks like earthwork, masonry, etc. If its a complex or society, each building or house can be project in itself and projects can be duplicated for other buildings or so.
  2. Task → Converted into a Tree structure so that hierarchy can be maintained. Each Task can have sub-tasks.

What else is needed as a base before construction-centric doctypes gets into the picture ?

  1. Ability to do task level budgeting and also track actuals against them would be needed for sure in this domain.

  2. Percentage completion roll up to parent tasks and ultimately to the project for milestone billing.

  3. Handling of Capital Work in Progress accounting.


@Zlash65 I think we can also consider the following issue which opened by @almeidapaulopt and it is included very good steps

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@dufani1 Thats a great deal of features in that. To get started I need to know the atomic data that comes into picture when construction management is thought of because that’d help to understand what is already available and can be used and which features needs to built. Does BOQ and Rate Analysis rings any bell ?

@Zlash65 I will provide you with my proposal of enhancement by next Monday

@Zlash65 @almeidapaulopt we need to solve the following 4 issues to make project module simple to use in construction project even for big companies and after solving this issues we will add new features and new doctypes.
Please see the following link:

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Issues no.1 Gross Margin

If a Sales order aren’t aren’t billed what should they be in gross margin? I can’t follow you in that one.
Any project margin calculation is what it cost vs what I’ve billed. Sales Order are important to analysis the future, but that is projected margin.

Issue nº2

Can you please create a Github Issue for the feature of updating costing in the Task and Project, even if “Bill” is not checked.

Is this issue created?
Can you contribute with this code?

I also think that “bill checked timesheets” costs should be added to the project, but there are companies that don’t think so. I think this should be configured (a check in setup and give the user the choice)

But if this cost enter to the project, should the bill that this timesheet enter on the project billings? I think so, once again we should give the choice to the user.

the perfect solution:
Integrate with Center costs and define for each kind of costs to select the center cost, that will give the user to configure the project as he wants.


project 1 cost center

  • timesheets
  1. time sheet
  2. time sheet “billed checked”
  • sub-contrators
  • materials
  • etc

project 1 cost center

  • time sheet (all)
  • sub-contrators
  • materials
  • etc

So my opinion is that if we will change code in this section, we can change to a more parameterizable solution.

And (I’m haven’t analyzed) but it doesn’t seems a very complicated task

Issue 3

You’ve already sent the solution :smiley:

Issues no.4 Reports

With the extension use of cost centers this is a easy task

@dufani1 can you contribute with the code of some of this issues?


This issues are real and important for sure, but this is the in the middle of the construction domain workflow.
I think we should start with the beginning, the pre-sale section. This is a very cost saving (or not) on a construction company, so we should address the quotation workflow first.
For example Quotations in Construction should be able to group items (not BOM) like this :
See the groups “Phase” the sub group “kitchen” and sub-subgroup “appliances” …
This will generate tasks as milestones in project and will affect billing.

So I really think we should start with the beginning :smiley:

I’m managing some time to make a more complete and global “design”. @Zlash65 Once you already working in this do you have something to share?

Starting in here ERPNEXT Construction Domain - Google Docs

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@almeidapaulopt thanks for valuable reply.
Regarding Issues no.1 Gross Margin:
Billing happen when make Sales Invoice from Sales Order. It could be partial invoice or with all sales order amount.

Issue nº2
I am not a coder and I am happy to contribute by pay for feature and enhance the project module.

Issue 3
Sorry I did not get your point.

You are right we should start from the beginning and I think the best practices to follow in Microsoft dynamics project management module.

Microsoft dynamics project management module is powerful project management tool.

Thanks again and I am ready to contribute and I think the best way Public Beta as we need a leader.

So far what I’ve been able to grasp.

I think we should start building the Domain [ at-least for masters data ] and down the path as we come across the enhancements that @dufani1 and @almeidapaulopt you guys mentioned - we’d be able to target them.
Once we have master data set, it’d be easy to eval it and generate the needed output.


Hi @Zlash65

I have the domain knowledge. I am interested to prepare the design, requirement and use case for the construction domain.


@nagarajan Glad to hear that. Lets kickstart this ASAP…

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@Zlash65 @almeidapaulopt

Where I can update the design and requirement. May I use this google doc link ERPNEXT Construction Domain - Google Docs

It will be great if you can use github issue to discuss and finalise specifications.

Github also allows files to be attached on issue.
Where it is necessary to share spreadsheets, dummy data or any specific file, attach such files on issue.

History of documents created :
GitHub Issues :

Google Docs :


Any updates in this matter?