Consumable items in stock


I need to ask “how can I define the UOM” within items that will be in stock, is that from items and OP or just from items?

I need to add the item as a carton of Water, and inside this Carton has 40 pieces. how I can do that?

Many thanks


In the Item, there are the following that can be used for units:

  • Default Unit of Measure.
  • Unit of Measure Section that contains table where you can add the related measurements (Carton to Nos and so on).


Hello @bghayad

Thanks for your reply

Actually, I did that

And once select that from PO, I need to make sure my steps are right! image|690x99

Then I need now to draw from Material request as a Material issue for example 10 pieces, showing me the UOM as carton!

If that possible can you guide me with steps to draw pieces from the carton.

Can you please determine exactly what do you need to do?