"contact" page on website throws error, doesn't send mail

Hi everyone,

I am overwhelmed by ERPNext. We’ve been programming something similar for quite some time and I finally stumbled upon ERPNext and it’s just such a relief to find this active community of developers and users! So I’m here for the change!

I am currently evaluating all functions from all sorts of perspectives. Kind of complex to start with.

I’ve got a fresh install here, and I am testing the standard website “contact us” contact form, which is to be found at domain.tld/contact.
So I enter some info and click send.
Now I am getting this weird error, which I can not guess myself where to find the corresponding settings in the desk to fix it.
Please forgive, the installation is set to german … noooot.
So here comes the error:
“Chance-Typ: Sales, Verkaufsphase: Prospecting konnte nicht gefunden werden”
translates to something like:
“Chance-Type: Sales, Sales phase: prospecting could not be found.”

What does it mean? I guess I am missing some type of setting somewhere within the CRM module, but can’t figure it out for an hour already. I feel kinda dumb.

edit: yeah, and the mail is not being sent. So the contact form does not work like this right now.