"Contact Us" page email error

I tried to send an inquiry using the contact us page. However the message are not send and the Erpnext->Email Queue show error “(553, b’Relaying disallowed as maxchock@gmail.com’)”.

How can I solve this?


how you enabled IMAP in the email settings ?

Hi, here is my setting for imap.

ok is it also set in Zoho as well ???

Hi. There is nothing much I can set in ZOHO. By the way, sending email from ERPNEXT has no problem. The problem here is the Contact Us page.

You are trying to get Zoho to send you a message from someone else’s email address.

Of course, programatic changes are not suggested as mentioned in stackoverflow answer, as Frappe and Django are two different frameworks.

So, do you have any idea how can we going to use the Contact Us page? Thanks.

Who’s email address is this?
in which field you entered it on contact form? because it is somehow being taken as from address which is not allowed with Zoho as you might have different domain name with them.

The default Contact Us page by ERPNEXT has a field to fill in the sender email address, it can be any visitor that want to send us inquiry, so the email address can be from any email provider.