Contact - where to put messenger ID?

I am importing Customer/Suppliers at the moment.

As most of our Suppliers are located in China (where Instant messaging is a completely normal medium of business communication, at least for smaller companies) I am facing the problem where to put messenger ID information (and often more then one) in the Contact Form.

How do you guys go about this?

Create custom field in the contact form. You can then import/export the data as required.


Edit:: Spelling.

true that’ll most likely be the obvious solution.

Just wondering … in times of skype, telegram, FB, signal, wechat, whatApp, … Am I the only one thinking the Contact form (a frappe Doctype I believe) should have field(s) for Messenger ID’s by default rather then literally everybody creating custom fields in the Contact form?

Yup. That makes sense.

I think the custom fields are a great solution. I would rather the team focus on expanding ERPNext functionality then start to add additional fields into core Doctypes.

With all these extra fields, people may suggest there are two many unnecessary fields and is there a way to delete/remove them…