Contacts import issue: Work-horse was terminated unexpectedly

Hello everyone,
I am trying to import my contacts that are linked to customers the google sheet is around 23088 lines as mobile and phone numbers take 2 rows (to set as primary).
When I import the google sheet, everything maps correct, it even works and imports a few hundreds of contacts and properly links them with the customer. However it suddenly stops working and if I go to check the failed background jobs I get this:

|Contact Import on 2022-05-10 20:07:33.835554
| — | — | — |
|Work-horse was terminated unexpectedly (waitpid returned 15)|

Any way to solve this issue? I have been trying to import my data since the morning.
Please assist.

EDIT: ERPNext V13 - Hosted on Frappe Cloud

Solved; had to split the sheet to multiple sheets with records up to 1000