Contineous "Invalid login"


I opened a new free account but it seems every time i try to login the system tells me it’s an “Invalid Login”
I’m certain that my details are correct as i have reset the password through email twice now, even tried logout out then login back again. and it still gives me the same answer “invalid login”.

Am i missing something ?
The username is your email address, right?
then your password?

Yes, username is email address that you created the account with.

The only thing i can think is that you could be trying to log in to the shop rather than the ERP desk for administration. But having looked, the shop is not enabled so that in not the answer

Wait a minute. I am confused. You have tried logout and then login again? So that means you can log in?

So you can log in , but when you do log in it gives you the error message? Do you get to see the administration desktop?

Perhaps a couple of screen prints might help to clarify


Login screen:

Desk/dashboard screen:

hope that helps

So that is weird.

You go to the log in screen and enter your email address and password.
You get an invalid log in message
But you are then logged in anyway

So really the invalid login message is just a nuisance because it does not stop you logging in.

I don’t know really. It could be a local issue. Have you tried:

  1. Clearing all the caches on your own internet browser?
  2. Using a different browser
  3. Using a different computer

Not quite

I can only login through the forgot password link, which then emails a link to reset the password and grants me access to Desk as well.

The nuisance is i have to go through the whole forgot my password process each time to login.

tried using a different Browser(MS Edge) still the same probleme.

also tried after clearing my browsers cache, still the same probleme

@Armant Did you find the solution?
Did this happen on your local ERP instance ?

Looks like passwords that include special characters (e.g. &) are accepted when you reset the password, but not accepted on subsequent logins.