Continuously Requests Getting Called

I am getting internal server error & request time out on regular basis. Also sometimes


One strange thing I noticed is I was checking the List View of Lead and found that requests are automatically getting called even if no action is being performed.
Snapshot- >

And after 3 minutes this is the number of requests (no action or click was performed. I was on List View still)

When I checked what’s the request going on , it was this command

desk: frappe.desk.reportview.get

Multiple commands are being fired and I cant get whats the actual issue. One more thing which I noticed was in Lead and Activity Logs. In List View although its only 20 enteries but the count on right side top keeps on increasing automatically and then again goes back to 20 (happened after 73).->image

I am geting *504 error, internal server error and request time out on regular basis. Please help me solve it out

In Developer tool, I am tracking the requests and it is continuously making get and post request even on home page(desk). And error code 504 is resulting in request time out. Any help how to stop these multiple automatic requests

I’m also facing similar issue. Any help over it?

Did this every get resolved? We are experiencing the same issue on develop branch of frappe and erpnext!

It is a nightmare and is slowing everything on the browser. The server resources don’t seem to be affected.

Could it be associated with the SQL Injection vulnerability reported here: