Contributing to regional default?

I was wondering how to contribute to ERPNext regional defaults.
The documentation states that’s the article is under dev.
The wiki is foggy. Can’t wrap my head around it in regard regional contribution.
I found that there are two custom apps the Indian’s compliance and the pakistani regional.
So how can one make somthing similar. Or contribute to the core ERP to add defaults like chart of accounts, invoicing custom fields, etc.
Thank you.


Hi :wave:

What you are looking for is to write a custom app that overrides, customises and/or extends ERPNext.

You can start by looking into Frappe Framework’s app development guide.

Thank you.
I’ve followed the library management example.

I still can’t wrap my head around fixtures and hooks.

It would be nice to have such a tutorial like the LMS but for altering the ERPNext core doctypes. Such one well established and be a reference.

For example I would like to contribute to the default chart of accounts, print formats, etc.

For now, you could look at the source code of apps like India Compliance and see how it is achieved. If you see some app doing something you want, check the source code and you will mostly find what you have to do.