Control Debit and Credit

Hello everyone, I need to control the credit and debit of my suppliers.
What I have to pay to supplier always come from Purchase Invoice (and That’s ok), But sometimes we pay more than we owe
and it becomes a credit for us.

So, I can use this credit on the system only if we create a new invoice.
I want to know if is possible 1) rescue the credit or 2) pay another bill that i have with that supplier.

I have an issue that’s is almost the same with customers, the credit that the customer has, not always is used by them,
Already happened in some case that we needed return the credit to the customer.

Well our problems are:
- I can’t rescue the credit or pay another bill that I have with that supplier.
- I can’t give the credit back to customer.

we’ve already tried do the receive from supplier in payment entry and we got this message:
“Cannot Receive from Supplier without any negative outstanding invoice”

Please check the following link, this maybe helpful for tracking advance payments

Ok thanks.