Conversations with Frappe Partners - Aakvatech

We are bringing to you the chapters from the book of Frappe Partners’ journey - one partner at a time.

In the first edition, we have Mitesh from Aakvatech on the hot seat, he will be joining us to talk about his team’s journey to becoming one of the best and top performing Frappe partners today. Aakvatech is our Gold Partner from Tanzania — they make softwares and solve the trickiest tech challenge on their plate. With this series we want to bring the untold stories of the people (partners) who have been playing the most significant role in driving our business towards success.

Here’s the lowdown on what we’ll be chatting about:

→ Getting to know Mitesh and the scoop on Aakvatech.

→ What Aakvatech loves to do (hint: it involves lots of tech tinkering).

→ How Aakvatech discovered Frappe and why they decided to stick around.

→ Their journey as a certified Frappe Partner and their take on the changes along the way.

→ Aakvatech on their experience with Frappe Cloud.

→ Aakvatech’s customer success stories.

→ Future plans and exciting stuff!

Who’s invited?

→ Companies curious about Frappe’s Partnership plan.

→ Entry-level partners eager to maximize on their journey with us.

When & How?

:spiral_calendar: Save the date: 1st Feb, 2024 | 3 pm IST / 12:30 pm EAT

:round_pushpin: Register here

See you there! :tada:


Here’s the recording for the candid conversation with Mitesh on the 1st of Feb '24. From GTMs to pricing models, we covered them all >