Conversion Factor 1 for a UOM which is not a default UOM


I’m managing multiple variants (attribute: packaging) of an item and in all the variants i’m using three UOMs, namely, Litre (default), Nos, and Box.

In the item with 1 litre packaging, I am trying to configure the UOMs and respective conversion factors in the following manner:

However, when I save this configuration the system changes it to:

I am assuming that the system removes the non-default UOM with conversion factor 1. But Why? and What could be the solution/work around in this scenario?

Thank you.

Are all three UOM set in the Item master?

Yes, that’s what I am trying to do.


Adding rows to the UOMs table is beneficial only if the conversion factor anything but 1 otherwise it seems redundant.
In stock transactions the Stock UOM is fetched automatically. If your stock UOM is Litre and you want to use Nos in that transaction you can simply change the UOM right there. On manually selecting any other UOM in the transaction the conversion factor is 1 by default so adding a row here seems unnecessary. This table is useful where conversion factors need to be fetched on changing the UOM.

Although I’m curious about your use case. Why do you need to add Nos with conversion factor 1 to the table? Is it to track UOMs against an item?

Thanks for the comprehensive reply.

In my use case,

  1. I’m managing stock in Litre (Stock UOM) for my item
  2. There are different packaging sizes for this item: 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre etc. which are being managed through Nos.
  3. I sell these product in Box which contain multiple Nos.

So when I sell the box containing items in 1 litre packaging, the conversion factor should be 1 against Nos. And hence, the problem arose.

try to use (Repack)