Conversion factor for default Unit of Measure must be 1 in row 1


I manufacture items stocked in KG but sell them in Nos (units). Each unit corresponds to 1.5 kilograms of the item. I have already set up a conversion factor, but when I view the item list, it doesn’t reflect the correct conversion of 1.5 kg to 1 Nos.
I am currently working with version ERPNext: v15.4.0

Conversion Factor that i set:

Category: Mass
From: Nos
To: Kg
Value: 1.5

I am trying to configure the UOMs and respective conversion factors in the following manner:

| UOM | Conversion Factor |
| Kg | 1.5 |
| Nos | 1 |

when I save this configuration the system changes it to:

Could you please check this issue and make the necessary corrections? The correct conversion ratio should be 1.5 kg : 1 unit (Nos).

Thank you.

Hi @sandrathomas1,

If you want not checked then please chek the documentation and check the video for clarity.

Thank You!

Thank you for your reply.its helpful