Conversion Factor for Hour in UOM


As we are providing the service on hourly basis, what should be the conversion factor for it.

e.g. I have added a render service which will be charged 3 USD per hour, but if some one used our services for 30 minutes then how should I put it in UOM, The default UOM which I have created for the Item is Hour and conversion factor I have selected 1, now at the time of invoice creation when I put 0.30 as a conversion factor, then it shows me 0.90 USD, ideally it should show me 1.50 USD.

I know I am missing something in conversion factor, but not getting a clue about it, if someone from you can point the missing factor it will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Yeah… it is a common mistake.

The idea of 0.30 to represent 30 minutes is a pretty common trap. The 30 minutes is actually a Half hour, or 0.50 hours. Just remember quarter hours, half hours, etc. and the decimals will come easier.




Thanks a lot for pointing this… it is wokring now and I got your point.

Thanks again.

Deepak Singh