Conversion Factor / UOM

  1. an Item is With 2 UOM or Conversion Factors. Unit & Carton.

  2. We Can Purchase it in Both Forms Unit or Carton.

  3. We need to sale it in Caton UOM Form with 12 Conversion factor Defined. How It is possible ?

Plz Suggest me a solution…

Create two items. One for units, one for cartons. As you buy units and as you accumulate 12 units, use Stock Entry > Purpose - Repack and repackage these units as cartons.

That’s the easiest option and that’s what I’d do.



First of all Congratulation JayRam for your appointment as CEO of ERPNext Foundation.
Nice Idea, But if I have 300+ Items, then its not so Easy to manage, and Specially managing Same Stock, What do you say ?
and another Problem if we have a item in Carton Packing, we can’t Sell it in Loose. as Some of Items are with 3 Layers Of UOM as,

“Servo Engine Oil 4Litre”
We Buy it in Carton of 4 Pack X 4L = 16L
We sell the same Stock also In Carton or a Pack of 4L Or in Loose form 1 ,2 or 2.5 Liters

How can be managed the same stock ?

If same Conversion factor that works in Purchase invoice is in Sales Invoice, it can be managed Easily plz see it again, same Feature i stated is Working in Some Other Softwares.

The feature of UoM conversion will be released in version 8.


Thanks Azhar for your wishes. There you go. You have a solution in Version 8.


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