Convert template variant item into normal item


I started by using templates and variants for everything. Now I see that it didn’t really make sense so I’ll only use them for a few scenarios.

But I’d like to clean up, convert all the existing variant items into normal items and get rid of the unnecessary item templates.

How can this be done safely? I imagine using the export/import tool. But what steps exactly must I follow so that I don’t screw up the existing items?

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I would recommend creating new items, as the old ones will be used in invoices / stock entries already.

You can use stock reconciliation / stock entry to get rid of old item code stock and up the new code stock values.

Then, disable the old item codes.


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Hello Anand,

That’s what I feared. I was hoping changing a variant into a normal item wouldn’t affect the documents it is used in. But I guess I’ll have to do what you say. Or… revert and delete the documents these variants are used in (still not that many) and redo the whole thing with new normal items.