Converting Opportunity to Project

Hi All,

Looking to create some new features with forms in opportunity.

I want to add:

  • add tasks for opportunity
  • ability to convert opportunity to a project or to link with a project
  • link several contact person to oportunitty

I think many people need this connections, and it would be great if you planning similar option for develop.

Thanks for your support and for such a great software

Best regards,

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@vladucoju Welcome to the forum.

You can add your feature requests here: GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If many people as for it, we will surely consider it.

@vladucoju we are going through the same thing, and for us, we decided against customizing to do opportunity → project, but our case may be different. Some of our sales team wanted to have projects be associated to an opportunity to track tasks, but I felt that projects should be kept for paying customers rather than leads. Closing an opportunity has a very different mindset than completing a project.

However, if you want to be able to link the opportunity to a project for a closed deal (customer), you could add a custom field with a link to opportunity, and have them filtered by the customer.

The opportunity steps / stages could be expanded as a child-table of tasks similar to the project view - something I am looking into but on my long list of to-dos. Same for contacts, since for longer / larger opportunities with many steps you do have to keep track of a handful of contacts.