Coping with Email Notification Issue After Bench Migration: Encryption Key invalid

Hi ERPNext Community

I deleted the old bench using “rm -rf” command, then installed a new bench. I took a backup of the database, but when I restored it to the new bench, I faced an issue with opening the Office 365 email account. It seems the system cannot access email notifications. I didn’t copy the encryption key for the email from the old bench. What should I do?


Hi @Yousuf:

Encryption key is related to the site, and is needed for access data stored under encryption (passwords, email accounts …) . This is stored on site_config.json file.

If you don’t have access to a backup, just needed to reconfigure email account with the right password.
Hope this helps.

Hi @avc

Thank you for your comment. I will create the connected app, email account, and email domain again, and keep you updated on the results.

Thank you again.

Hi @avc

I created the connected app, email account, and email domain again ,the problem has been resolved, thank you for your help.