Copy a app from one machine to another machine installed VM


We are learning frappe in a team. Each team members has virtual machine Ubuntu installed and working dedicate. I want to copy only a app from one machine to another.

For that the following steps i tried:

My bench version 4.10 as shown by bench --version

Steps to copy app from one machine to another i executed:

  1. copy manually app to app folder

  2. bench new-site

  3. bench start

  4. bench --site install-app library_managment

  5. bench update

  6. cd apps cd library_managment and then sudo python develop

  7. cd enter and cd frappe-bench

  8. bench start

  9. manually upload database.gz file to sites public/file folder

  10. cd sites cd cd public cd files

  11. gunzip 20170208_104309_45211acb_database.sql.gz

  12. cd

  13. cd frappe-bench

  14. bench --site --force restore /sites/

  15. bench start

  16. bench migrate

  17. bench update

  18. bench --site install-app library_managment

  19. cd apps cd library_managment and then sudo python develop

  20. bench start

  21. cd apps cd frappe and then sudo python develop

  22. bench update

  23. entered manually developer mode and nginx port to json file and app name app.txt

  24. bench update

  25. sudo service nginx reload

  26. sudo bench update

  27. bench update --upgrade

Now giving importError: No module named library_management

As i am beginner could not find the reason why i am getting such errors. Please help.

Thanks in Advance.


instead of copying app directory manually push your app to github then pull the app to your machine using bench get-app app_name git_url then install the app using bench install-app app_name



Thanks for your quick response and useful suggestion.

But i successfully did this in one machine. While i tried in another i am getting stuck.

Thanks @makarand_b Finally i did it after following your instruction.