Copy Assignments, attachments and custom field from Project's template tasks to final project's tasks


I’m trying to copy the project template task assignments, attachments and custom fields from project template tasks to final project tasks so every time I create a new project based on one project template, I will populate with the same user assignments, attachments and custom fields I’ve in tasks templates.

I know that by default, only some fields are propagated and I need some help. In file I found this code:

create tasks from template

		project_tasks = []
		tmp_task_details = []
		for task in template.tasks:
			template_task_details = frappe.get_doc("Task", task.task)
			task = self.create_task_from_template(template_task_details)
		self.dependency_mapping(tmp_task_details, project_tasks)

def create_task_from_template(self, task_details):
	return frappe.get_doc(dict(
			doctype = 'Task',
			subject = task_details.subject,
			project =,
			status = 'Open',
			exp_start_date = self.calculate_start_date(task_details),
			exp_end_date = self.calculate_end_date(task_details),
			description = task_details.description,
			task_weight = task_details.task_weight,
			type = task_details.type,
			issue = task_details.issue,
			is_group = task_details.is_group

How can I include this information? Any help please?

Thank you.