Copy Cloud setup to local server

Hi, I have cloud setup working, probaby with core changes but that’s not an issue now.

I wants to copy same setup(eveything) to my vm. I dont want to perform any update on that, but needs to use same version & same setup currently running on cloud.

To do that in addition to my custom app what else I needs to take?
Frappe app,
ERPNext app?

I have done git push and database ready to restore.

That’s all you need I guess.


Hi, I was able to do that and succeeded but couldn’t update later to newer version. Is below right way of copy remote to local server?

  1. Downloaded & Installed VM production
  2. Deleted default frappe-bench dir
  3. made new dir through bench init frappe-bench5 && cd frappe-bench5
  4. changed remote by bench remote-set-url
  5. new site bench new-site site5.local
  6. bench get-app erpnext
  7. bench --site site5.local install-app erpnext
  8. bench get-app CUSTOMAPP
  9. bench --site site5.local install-app CUSTOMAPP
  10. downloaded database from remote website
  11. Restore by bench --site site5.local --force restore ***.sql
  12. did bench --site site5.local migrate but got encryption key error so went to remote server, and copied a string od site_config and paste same new local site_config.
  13. migrate successful
  14. did ngix
  15. running successfully
  16. bench update gives error

1045, Access denied for user localhost using password YES

Point 16. is the issue. Please suggest.