Copy Custom Field to Standard Field

I need to add the Transporter Field in my Sales Order DocType, so I created a field in the Sales Order called ‘custom_transporter’.
Now I want the ‘custom_transporter’ to be copied to the Delivery Note Transporter field when creating a Delivery note from Sales Order.

I’ve tried the following client script in the Delivery Note without success
cur_frm.add_fetch('Sales Order','custom_transporter','transporter');

Is there a simple way to accomplish copying a custom field to standard field between doc types?

Thanks in advance.

I suggest to you, if you are using v14 or v15 then you can rename the field name.

If the field name is the same in the sales order and delivery note then i think it’s automatically sets the value without the coding.

Well, well, well
Didn’t notice this feature, saved me a bunch of time!!

Thank you!!!

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