Copy/Insert column to child table

Hi -

I’m struggling to find a way to refresh the fetch that I’ve got for the highlighted columns of this child table.

The Lease ID is the link field, with the highlighted fields fetching from fields in Lease Agreement doctype.

I’ve looked all over this forum, found things like refresh_field, add_fetch etc, which don’t seem to work for me.

Now I’m simply trying to Copy the Information in the Lease ID column, clear the table, then paste/insert the copied data back into the Lease ID column (which triggers the fetch to update the data).

Would it be possible to copy the Lease ID column as an array and insert that full array again? Or would this need to iterate over each cell in the column?

I’m still pretty new to this framework, as well as JS, so some help with the code structure would be very helpful (I’m doing everything on the client side). Here’s what I’ve got so far…

  let lease = frm.doc.lease_summary
  for (var i in lease) {
      var leaseID = lease[i].lease // Grab the current data from the field
      cur_frm.set_value(lease[i],"") // Clear the field
      cur_frm.set_value(lease[i], leaseID) // Add the data back to the field to initiate the 'fetch'

Thanks so much!