Copy paste of item table

We all know that copy + paste or ( cntrl C n cntrl V ) is almost everywhere including whatsapp (lol :joy: )

Basically, I am just putting this feature request for following, if implemented, we will be the first in the world to make things even more simpler than ever.

There are linked documents in the entire erpnext sphere. And that Item table have fields is mostly unique and similar. Especially, document item table that flows from Qtn to Sales Order to Delivery Note to Sales Invoice, over-here, there is no need of this copy paste… because the original design suffices the requirement.

Similarly, Item Table from Material request to Purchase Enquiry to Purchase Order to Purchase Receipt and then finally purchase invoice too is seamless, and sufficient as per the current design.

I was thinking about a cache or buffer memory of item table, whether we can copy a item table and use it anywhere within the system, lets I have a sales qtn and a similar purchase invoice to make, so without much of a hassle, I just take it from that table. Most uniquely, the item-name, description, qty, rate, etc.

I can surely use the same control+C anywhere in the system and do control+V for item table

The advantages of such a feature if implemented would be

  1. can be used in reverse documents, lets say sales invoice is made and now I need to make the quotation of same items with a bit of variation, after a month or so… ITS POSSIBLE with copy + paste

  2. can be used in different companies

  3. can be used in any unlinked or opposite documents

  4. No matter how many items, this will tremendously save time

  5. The Functionality should conveniently give error msg if anything is wrong in the copy paste feature

I imagine this in the following way
For every item table, there will be a icon at the bottom

I know there would be many questions about whether its doable, its feasibility, complexity in building this feature.

If the idea is usable, beneficial and demanded by most users, i think the community can sure back this idea.

Maybe this could be added in the wishlist but the feature will surely be a hit.

Awaiting reviews, comments and thoughts about this. :):grinning::grinning:

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Good idea! I hadn’t thought of copy/paste, but this would help with some workflows that I have immensely!

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We have download bulk and upload bulk options to copy the item table from one document to other.

You can enable bulk download and upload button using following script:
cur_frm.get_docfield(“items”).allow_bulk_edit = 1;


Guess this option is not there for hosted users.