Copy sales order to another sales order error


i want to make new doctype in selling model as following:

-Sales Order
–Sales Order Item

i need like this:
-Sales Order Glass
–Sales Order Item Glass

I am duplicate Sales Order and renamed As Sales Order Glass

but when i go to **Sales Order Glass list ** and create new, i cant submit order i have many issue like:
document cant fetch some fields:

Here is exactly system msg error

and if i write all fields manually also i have error in UOM Conversion Factor and i cant do it because the filed read only.

also i go to Customize Form to check all properties in fields but also i cant fetch Sales Order Glass

This wrong because there are files .js in background must i create it.

I do that from version 13 but developer list not apear in version 13. in version 12 i have developer documents in core model.