Copying app assets to site assets

This is more of a Frappe question but,
Is there a command that would automatically copy my apps assets to /sites/assets so that I can use it directly?

Something similar to Symfony’s assets:install


Just add your CSS, js files into app’s public directory, then your app’s assets will be available in /site/assets directory.

Makarand Bauskar

Just remember to issue a bench build before…

Got it working for css and js, but how about image assets?


Image assests will also be available in the /sites/assests directory.


are the images supposed to be copied after bench build? Because It’s not copying when I run bench build

Or do I have to reinstall the app that I’ve created, and that would trigger the copy?



public assets are not copied to /site/assets directory, instead a soft link will be created so your app’s assets will be available in /site/assets/your_app directory

So, if you add the images in your app’s public directory it will be made available in /site/assets/your_app directory as well.

Thanks, Makarand

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Got it.
I see the problem now, I’m using vagrant and the symbolic links were lost in the host machine when I ran scp.

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