Correct Service Start Order


We are attempting to Implement an ERPnext App Deployment for NEthserver 8 here: geniusdynamics/ns8-erp-next (

This uses Podman with SystemD services to manage containers.

I am however facing a chellenge on the correct start order for the different services in ErpNext.

Here are are the services ns8-erp-next/imageroot/systemd/user at main · geniusdynamics/ns8-erp-next (

SHould or is this the correct order, or there is a different proper order

  1. redis-queue.service
  2. db.service
  3. backend.service
  4. configurator.service
  5. create-site.service
  6. frontend.service queue-long.service
  7. queue-short.service
  8. scheduler.service
  9. websocket.service

I would appreciate if i could get a proper order for these services. of if anyone could tell me what i might be missing as well thats necessary

@omid any insights

@NCP any insight pls