Correct syntax for calling multiple functions on one hook in

i am using following code to call two function but always only second function calls.
in this code customally.customally.sales_order_custom.calculate_total_weight is calling only
doc_events = { "Sales Order": { "validate":"customally.customally.sales_order_custom.instructions", "validate":"customally.customally.sales_order_custom.calculate_total_weight" } }

There are the functions.

`def calculate_total_weight(doc,method):
import frappe
frappe.errprint("calculate works")
from frappe.utils import flt
for d in doc.items:
    d.weight =flt(d.weight_per_unit2) * (d.qty)
    total_weight += d.weight

def instructions(doc,method):
import frappe
frappe.errprint(“instructions works”)
doc.instructions2 =“

This is a text instrucntions”`


use the following syntax

doc_events = {
	"Sales Order": {
		"validate": [

OK. Let me try.

It works. Thanks