Correct tax template no longer selected automatically

I believe that since i use Erpnext making a purchase (PO, Receipt…etc) the system automatically selected the correct tax template…they are different for Dutch and Germany suppliers…Never bothered how but appreciated this intellegence of the system…That is no longer the case…I looked whether one can set the tempate under supplier…Did not see it…Any explanation for this new behavior?

The auto selection happens based on Tax Rule record. Please check if it is properly configured based on Country. I have tested in my local account and it is working as expected.

Let me dive into this :slight_smile:

Hi Nabin…Guess everybody has is particular workflows…since I just Erpnext I enter PO,GRN,BILL, PE…all with complete tax info.I do the PO correctly…and than the other 3 are automatically correct.
The correct template for the PO was miraceously always correct.
Now I looked into the tax templates. It seems a template is automatically created, probably with the first bill. My German suppliers have correct templates.
However, it seems that if one makes a PO this is no longer considered…
I understand that the tax info is only relevant for the purchase invoice…and ith does not affect the system…but is was convenient to do it like this.
May be you should consider to bring the old functionality back, that is if a PO is created the purchase tax template is automatically applied
rgds Robert