Corriere module argent needed

I have many cares, every car contains a driver and seller, the cars usually been in stock, every day every car carries items and rounded driver and seller and go market for contained items and sell them to deferent customers, is there any module let me choose the care and its contained items and the driver and seller then I can follow the sold items from each care and calculate the commission for the seller and the driver.

Create a Warehouse for each Car (Truck). Book the normal sales Invoice from the each each cart(truck) warehouse by maintaining sales commission details in the invoice.

This way you can control the physical stock of each car(truck) and calculate the commission for the seller and driver.

hi, @mangroliya thanks for your response,
the seller and driver on each truck have daily random sales I need when they came back the system must view the items sold from the truck and the total payment which means the driver and the seller must record the sales by themselves using the simple interface from the system

You can create the POS profile for each truck and they can access the POS from the Tablet while they are on truck and can book the sales and payment. This way stock, sales and payment data will be updated in real time.