Cost Center -- Bank Entry Issue

Hi all,

I am a newbie to ERPNEXT I have an issue when trying to make a bank entry for an expense claim, when I try to submit the journal entry it says

" Cost Centre is required for ‘profit and loss’ account Telephone Expenses- SNN"

I cant find anywhere how to set the Cost Center for the account ‘Telephone Expenses’ providing I have the default Cost Center setup.

I tried Cost Center Tree , Chart of Accounts, Company setup, nowhere seems to be the option for setting the Cost Center for a specific account.

any help is appreciated …


this is a validation message. Cost Center is mandatory, you must fill that…
Chart of Account associated with “Profit and Lost Statement” must have cost center.
Account Type “Expense Account” and “Income Account” must have cost center.

for your case:Telephone Expenses - SNN → Account Type “Expense Account” and Associated with “Profit and Lost Statement”

Set Up > Company, you can set the default Cost Center here, once it is set here it should default for your company

Alternatively, if you have multiple cost center’s for your company you click on the icon shown below and you should be able to enter cost center.

Thank you very much for you valuable input @komsel2228 and @Pawan. This was rather a naive question. However, I think it would be very helpful for rookies if its put in the manual. such small things really make a big difference.

Thanks again.