Cost center for employee

i need help to how to chose cost center in payroll entry for each employee or a group of employee
there is only one cost center in the payroll entry

What do you want to do - if you define both your problem and goal, people can better understand and advise you?

We have a similar requirement. Employees are grouped by cost-centers based on various criteria.

When we run Payroll through Payroll Entry, we’re allowed to specify only one Cost Center for the whole Entry.

We are fine with running separate Payroll Entries for each Group of Employees having the same cost-center. But again, the grouping criteria doesn’t align with the filters available in Payroll Entry.

An Ideal case would be to have a cost-center field at employee level and a corresponding field in Salary Slip. When the salary slip is Submitted, Cost Center mentioned on Salary Slip can be used for Accounting entries instead of the Cost Center mentioned on Payroll Entry.

@M.Ashraf: Are you looking for something similar?


Yes this the my issue

@clarkej Mr VAM explain the issue is there anything not clear

Yes thanks VamYip!

is there a solution ?