Cost Center Improvement

Can we have the “Party” Column Change to “Party/Cost Center”?

Party is only required for Debtors/Creditors Account (as far as i know), where as cost center is essential and ever changing for each Account.
Also many times the same account has a different Cost Center, so its very essential than Party. (i guess that was one of the reasons for cost centers to exist)

My suggestion is if we could accommodate both in the same column, it would do wonders to quick accounting. As well as, that would focus on users to utilize the cost center feature more proactively.

Merging 2 field into 1 is not a good idea. If you need to switch cost center regularly then you can bring it in list view.

Merging will be confusing for normal accounting user.

Best option for you is to remove Party from List view and put Cost Center in 'List View`

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its not merging. when debtor or creditor is selected then it inputs ‘Party’, when any other account is selected it shows cost center is what I would like to suggest as an improvement