Cost Center is Required for 'Profit and Loss' While Submitting POS Closing Entry

When submitting the ‘POS Closing Entry’ in ERPNext, I encounter the following error message:
“Cost Center is required for ‘Profit and Loss’ account POS Digital Sales - NF. Please set the cost center field in Sales Invoice or setup a default Cost Center for the Company.”

I’m unsure how to resolve this issue. Can someone please provide guidance on how to fix this error? Additionally, I’ve already set a default cost center for my company. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference. Thank you!"


Based on my understanding, please verify whether the cost center exists where the POS invoice was created. Check it at the item level and also examine it in the accounting dimension section.

Yeah, the cost center does exist at the item level. I’ll add a screenshot for your reference

which version?

I’m in the develop branch


@NCP Do you have any ideas??

No idea because we have to check in develop branch for that

Okay, I will check in the develop branch for that. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? Any guidance would be helpful to me

I managed to resolve the issue after some exploration in ERPNext. I realized that I needed to add the default cost center in the POS Profile, which I had missed earlier. Now that I’ve added the default cost center, everything is working fine. Refer to the attached image for details.

I think, should be set as mandatory.

Otherwise, you have to set a default cost center in the company because I tried with without selecting the cost center in the POS profile. and then closing the POS but we haven’t found the issue so thing a configuration issue.

It seems like the default cost center selection for this company is already configured correctly. Initially, I had set it up, but I encountered the error message when submitting the ‘POS Closing Entry’. However, after further investigation, I found that if I remove the cost center field in the POS Profile doctype, it shows me the error. But when I set it again, everything worked well for me without any issues.

Furthermore, what I found is that it even works fine without a cost center specified in the POS Profile for ‘balance sheet’ report-type accounts. It seems that the error occurs only when the account report type is ‘Profit and Loss’. In such cases, setting the cost center for the POS Profile resolves the issue and everything works fine thereafter.

Please note that I have not tested this for other account types; I have only tested it for ‘balance sheet’ and ‘Profit and Loss’ accounts.