Cost center report

Hi all, is there a way to see a financial report for multiple cost centers? I can currently do a report for each cost center. But I would like to see a timebased (one year for example) the different cost centers by column.

My workaround is do each cost center and export them and find a way to merge them into one report in excel.

Thank you

It is not available out of the box but you sure can try to create a query report for it.

Hi @Nathan,

Check Profitability Analysis report, it may help you to resolve your issue.


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can you lead me to more information about creating a query report?

That’s great for summary. Thanks. I would like to get the full p&l though.

Hello! Have you found a solution to this?

Hello, thank you for the reply! Would I be able to produce the same type of profit and loss report by just using query reports?

Yes, that is correct.