Cost centre for purchase transactions not working

If we select a cost center in purchase invoice items then after submitting the document. Cost centre is not reflected in GL Entry.

Hi @srajelli,

Can you please share screenshots how you went about posting the transaction and the GL Entry report itself?

Will facilitate suggestions/solutions.

Hi @Sirjames
Purchase Invoice Item

General Ledger Report

As you can see I have select Cost Center Main - UEL in the purchase invoice item but still it is not reflected in the GL.


Everything seems OK though. But, since the issue still persists, did you check:

a) that the invoice PINV-00002-2 on the GL report is the same as in the Purchase Invoice screen?

b) that the Supplier Invoice Number is the same in both screens? Isee that the Supplier Invoice number in the GL report is empty. Was that the case in the Purchase Invoice screen ?

Yes they both are same, in fact there is only these transactions in the system, nothing else.

Just noticed that this is not working for only stock items. This issue is not there for non stock items

Have you tried

bench clear-cache