Cost Limit or Spend by Department or Branch


Would it be possible to setup a max cost spend per month or budget for a team or branch or department?

We want the Marketing team to have a maximum spend of 50,000 per month, if they exceed that they cannot place any more orders or the system should stop them from doing so…

I see this as being quite crucial in the Buying module, it might be on there or there might be a workaround, but i haven’t figured out yet on how to do this. I know it can be done for individual companies, but we want it for our teams or internal departments to control costs and so they don’t exceed their limits set by management…

Many thanks in advance

can anyone help with this or can suggest a workaround?

many thanks

Hi @ermalc,

Make cost center as per your branch and assign budget to them.

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On company master set If Monthly Budget Exceeded to STOP

Thanks, Rohit


Thanks for this, but i have already set this to stop or warn, so this is not a problem. My question is

I have company A, B, C, D, E , each of these companies has the relevant cost centres that get setup when creating a new company on the system.

Now, i have departments or branches which users belong to, lets say, Company A, Department or Branch “Entertainment” I want to set a budget for Entertainment so it stops when it reaches a certain amount.

I have company B , which is setup same as above, and has a Branch or Department of “Real Estate” i want to setup a budget for this department or users, so when they reach the limit they get stopped.

All i can see is how to add cost centres and budgets to a specific company, not to a department of system users…

Perhaps i am missing something on here, but i don’t see the connection of departments between these cost centres…