Cost of Issued items in project accounting


Advice please…

I need to know the cost of stock issues to a project, in the project ‘costing and billing’ section. There is a field in the report ‘Project Wise Stock Tracking’ that displays the info I need (Cost of Issued Items) so the data exists. But I cant find it as a field to add when I go to customise the project form… any ideas?


If anyone has anything do let me know, displaying this info is a bit of a deal breakers for whether I can get this system to work for my client… If I haven’t explained it very well just be blunt :slight_smile:

I think this is an dynamically by js filled html field…take a lool at for e.g. project.js

When a Delivery Note or Stock Entry is issued against a Project, the both sides of the General Ledger entry is included for the Project. Which is basically wrong. say, we are issuing a free Item from Stock to a Project, we need to see only the issued cost to the project in the General Ledger balance. When you credit and debit at the same transaction, you cannot collect the true cost/profit balance of the project over a General Ledger report.