Cost of item on Quotation

This feature is still needed. Please!

Any updates on this topic?

Since no-one has given any feedback on this feature, may I ask some kind and clever developer to guide me in achieving this. I undertake to commit all the development back into core, as it should be for an opensource project.

I’ve coded a few client-side custom scripts and are fairly familiar with doing so, but I’d need some high-level guidance as to how to achieve this : Since the cost, unlike the selling rate, is not an attribute of the line item, how can I capture the cost at time of creating a new line item on a Quotation? Bearing in mind that each line item may very well end up having it’s own unique cost. Furthermore the valuation_rate attribute seems to be different from all other cost related attributes, but I do not know in which respects.

I promise I’ll give anyone who responds a ‘like’.

Hi EugeneP,
I needed similar feature, and as I also did not get any response, I made script by myself. It displays expected profit of quotation (gross margin), calculated as a sum of (qty*selling_rate - qty*valuation_rate) for all the items of the quotation.

You can find it here: