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I’m new to ERPNext and just starting to understand the basics. I am moving from a platform called Brightpearl. We are a retailer that sells to the public and buys from various suppliers.

I need a way to see the profit of a single quote or sales order before it is submitted. At the moment the quote is showing me the item selling price, but where do I see the buying price to check margins?

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@W_B you can se and compare both prices in the reports Item Price

In Stock > Standard Reports > Item Price

Another detail, by default Sales Quotation, only show the selling price, and Purchase Quotation show the purchase price.

Hi Max,

Thanks for your info. It sounds like there isn’t a way of finding item cost information from the Sales Quotation page. This has been key information for me on other ERP/CRM packages.

When raising an order or a quote I need to check gross profitability at a glance. If ERP Next could do something like the attached screenshot of my current system (Brightpearl) I think it would be beneficial for small business like mine where making money is the be all and end all!

Checking a sales profitability at the moment seems very convoluted. Is it worth making a feature request?

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Definitely. Seems like a really nice feature to have.

Edit: We can show the valuation rate at the warehouse at Sales Order / Sales Invoice / Delivery Note

Something like what is shown in W_B’s screen shot can be very helpful for trading businesses.

I guess you already have the the links between SO-MREQ-PO so finding the price-cost ratios shouldn’t be a problem.
At the moment the same can be achieved by creating a project and a cost center for each sale, but of course nobody will ever do that!

The above screen is a good fast way to get an approximate deal / no deal decision support too.

Please let us know if this can be handled easily in future upgrades, or does it need paid development to be done.

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+1 it would be really great to be able to see how a customer price has been been calculated. That’s probably not 100% exactly what the thread starter means but close enough to add it here.

Also to have a history of quotations would be very cool.

Thanks for the feedback. We will try and prioritize this.


Hey rmetha,

What is the current state of this development?

I registered to the site because I was looking for this feature, I hope it could be implemented soon as it is a must for my business.

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Even we have a requirement for maintaining a history of Quotations at every change. Is this being added as a Feature Request? Or, should we do customization for the same? If it has to be customized, can you give me some basic idea about how to go about it? At any change to the quotation, the previous values and the record needs to be saved to some work file so that these can be displayed as a report later.


As a small business in the IT service industry it is essential every product has it’s profitability tracked. In my current system I have a table with the following columns.

Buy Price
Client Price
Profit (single item)
Extended (multiple items)

I ended up building my own system as nothing available seemed to cover my needs 100%. As much as the current system serves me well but after discovering ERPNext I don’t see why I need to reinvent the wheel as it seems to have all the core features I am after and allows for a lot of customisation, especially for invoice/letterhead designs.

So has this already been implemented and if so how do I enable it or will it be added soon?

Thanks in advance.

This has been in every accounting package we have used right on the quote form. This is how we adjust our discounts in a competitive market with out losing our shirt how can we get this on quotation?

this is a must in our company, to se the margen and profit per ítem after validase and sen quote

we need to see int the quoute as this:
( printable) =produce code, descripción, Qty, unit, sales price extended sales price. not printable price list, vendor discount%, cost, Gain porcent% profit per ítem …

just like @W_B said

Will this be included in a future update or will this needed to be funded?

please include this feature…

I want to ask if this feature has been added, is there any timeline for this?

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Any update on this feature? Also a requirement for me.

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Any update on this?

I would like to have that too. It’s possible to see in in the sales order but we need to see this in the quote directly