Cost of sales and unsubmitting stock entries

Hello, I’ve a problem. I enabled negative inventory, and made some sales, allowing stock entries to be made by the system. Now after manufacturing to make up for the negative stock balance, I’ve the total value of the finished goods sitting in the Finished Goods ledger account, but the quantity of the item is nil because I manufactured to make up. Now how do I get the value in the finished goods store moved to cost of sales since I can only move values to and from the Finished Goods ledger that is linked to Finished Goods Warehouse through stock journal?

Secondly, in v4.8 which I just upgraded to over the weekends, when I make a production order and hit transfer raw materials, this pops up “Expense / Difference account (Work In Progress - SGL) must be a ‘Profit or Loss’ account” when I try saving the resulting stock entry.

Also when I hit update finished goods on the production order, I get this message when saving the resulting stock entry “Total valuation for manufactured or repacked item(s) can not be less than total valuation of raw materials”, also I’m not sure what to make of it. Attached is a screen grab of the SE

Cost of sales in case of negative stock:
Recently we have changed the logic to book cost of sales when stock goes into negative. Now the system tries to predict the cost based on transaction history for that item and if there is no history for the item, it picks up from Buying Price list. If no Buying Price List found, system ask to maintain item price against buying price list. This way, even if your stock goes into negative, system books *cost of sales* for the item.

Now in your case, as you manufacture later to makeup, do the entry on a date earlier that outgoing entry. That way, all the future entries will be reposted and cost of sales will be booked accurately as per make up entry.

Expense / Difference account must be a ‘Profit or Loss’ account:
In difference account, don’t select wip warehouse account, instead select any expense account. If there is any difference between the cost of raw materials and finished goods (i.e. operational cost), the difference amount will be posted aagainst that expense account and FG warehouse.

Total valuation for manufactured or repacked item(s) can not be less than total valuation of raw materials:
This is a system validation to ensure the correct valuation rate of finished goods item. As per the screenshot, I can see the FG item valuation rate is equal to the cost of raw materials. Looking like it is a fractional issue. Can you please replicate this in and give us the reference to look into it.

OK I'll do that and get back to you. Thanks for your time

I’ve not had access to good internet to try replication on the demo, on mobile now. But I’m just wondering, the issue of the system complaining about different valuations has to do with floating point numbers.

Now I’ve set my decimal places to 3, why doesn’t the system do computations to that absolute value of 3 decimal places and simply round up. So the issue of floating point wouldn’t even need to arise.

Isn’t that the whole point of the option of number of decimal places available in the system?