Cost of Sales appears as a negative in profit and loss

Hi Guys,

Am trying to understand cost of sales and seems I ain’t getting :slight_smile:

  1. I am currently using Negative Stock
  2. I have raw material i.e rock
  3. This raw material is being converted to a finished product i.e gravel of different grades
  4. Since we can’t determine what is produced from the raw material at time of production but can only guesstimate, is the reason we are using negative stock so that we can later adjust as required
  5. However, when I do make an adjustment using the move feature in stock > item, its works fine except the Cost of Sales is appearing as a negative figure in the P&L

I’ve tried different variations but all come back with negative figure. When I apply a negative amount to the stock quantity the Cost of Sales does not appear at all in the P&L

Basically, how do I ensure that the cost of sales is calculated based on stock movement and why is it negative

Thanks & Regards