Could i have the default print of the new release

Hi, i have liked the new release of these week, it has solved a problem on print witch i was having, and now i do like to put some things extras on the template but i dont have de code cold i have it?
when the print is converted to pdf its repeat the heading and footer,that was the update

Check out the commits of anandpdoshi on 28th Jan:

thank you,
but i am not very expert on programing, i have my own templat for quotation, but it doest do the some breaks on pdf as shown on the default print

Share some screenshots of default print and pdf

hi i am not able do drag pictures here, but let see if you understand me,
when i change the print to PDF, in footer its show “page 1 of 1”, but i want to change that i want to put only “1 of 1” how can i change that?

@Dany_Carvalheiro can you should using a mockup what do you want to acheive?

Can you explain to me how the conversion from normal print to PDF


If you have your own design and want to add letterhead, footer and page number, then you can add this code.

{%- from "templates/print_formats/standard_macros.html" import add_header,
	 render_field -%}
	<div id="header-html" class="hidden-pdf">
                 {{ add_header(0,1,doc,letter_head, no_letterhead) }}
	<div id="footer-html" class="visible-pdf">
		{% if not no_letterhead and footer %}
		<div class="letter-head-footer">
			{{ footer }}
		{% endif %}
		<p class="text-center small page-number visible-pdf">
			{{ _("Page {0} of {1}").format('<span class="page"></span>', '<span class="topage"></span>') }}

Complete code of default print format with letterhead, footer and page number.

thank you, this problem can be close

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