Could not create server TCP listening socket bind: Address already in use


I don’t know about your environment and install method.
Is your site running? Can you access to your site? If other bench is running in this ports, should be reachable on http://yoursite:8000

Try in console

curl localhost:8000

no brother this is my first installation I don’t get access. After I finish the final step (sudo supervisorctl restart all) [Guide] How to install ERPNext v14 on Linux Ubuntu (step-by-step instructions)
Then I want to find my IP address so put the command bench start Unfortunately above errors coming.
thanks for your reply


After run sudo bench setup production [frappe-user] you don’t need to run bench start anymore. Your site should starts automatically after system boot.

So bench start try to launch it again, this is the reason for port conflicts.

What do you see with

curl --header "Host:" localhost:8000


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Try this command with --header parameter . Replace with your site name.

curl --header "Host:" localhost:8000

This is what I am getting


This means that your site is been served. Can’t access from your browser with http://site1.local:8000 ?

This site can’t be reached
The site is not loaded bro. thanks


But … you are trying to access from a Windows machine, and your installation is running on Mac …
Is reachable your “linux side” from your “Windows side”? Is the same machine or other one in the network?

  1. Make sure that connectivity is ok.
  2. Add site1.local to your windows hosts file
    a Open your text editor in Administrator mode.
    b In the text editor, open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.
    c Add the IP Address and hostname.
    “yourlinuxsideip” site1.local
    d Save the changes.

Hope this helps.

is correct?


Please, detail your scenario. Are you running frappe in a virtual machine hosted in windows?
If you are, in your hosts file: site1.local

And make sure that is reachable from your windows host (ping

In previous post you showed a mac screenshare … so I am a bit confused :wink:
Hope this helps.

yes brother, I am running Frappe within a virtual machine hosted on a Windows environment

it’s working but I cannot log in its showing an invalid login

Well, it’s working … should be reachable on http://site1.local too (instead

Is not working with administrator credentials?

No brother and not working http://site1.local

thank you so much, brother. now working with the Administrator with my password

why does my site not work brother?

Ok. Probably hosts file was not edited properly.
Congratulations anyway! :confetti_ball:

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oh ok, thank you so much, brother. :brown_heart:

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