Could not find app "None" on migrate


After I made some changes on my app. I try to migrate and it gives me this error:

Could not find app “None”

I searched on apps.txt and it is not showing there.

Dear @aldoblack if you have resolved this issue kindly help me I could migrate site.



I do not remember what I did or if I fixed. :confused:

I am sorry. Usually if I fix something I comment again in the thread how I resolved it.

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I too had same issue
bench setup requirements
resolved it


In my case the imports where improperly done.

Variables __future__ and __version__ had single underscores.

The error only showed when I did bench version

Just had the same issue on version 13: after a failed bench update, the system showed

Could not find app "None"

when commands like “bench update” or the like were executed. Thanks to @Aniket_Shinde1, running

$ bench setup requirements

resolved the issue.

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Same issue here but in my case I got that message after running $ bench setup requirements

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