Could not find Document Name: Quotation-auto_repeat

How to solve this issue? Appreciated.

this is my system:

ERPNext: v12.2.2 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.20 (version-12)

Did you get any solution? I am facing same issue

i login the erp with administrator, and delete the docs which has auto-repeat

@Gavin_Ji I am experiencing this too. Could not find Document Name: Sales Invoice-auto_repeat but the document (deleted subscription document that was autogenerated) was already on the deleted document list. But we are still having this message, Could not find Document Name: Sales Invoice-auto_repeat.

What did you do to remove it? Also, all customized form was automatically deleted when this message pop up.

Hi @Gavin_Ji may I know how did you resolve this? Now I am experiencing this issue on my purchase Invoice, it says: Could not find Document Name: Purchase Invoice-auto_repeat. And Invoice cannot be saved or submitted.

hi, in fact, i am still confused about this auto repeat function, i found if i disable auto repeat in settings, customize form of sales order, displays normally.